So i started up Mass effect 3 today (after a lengthy download) and spent my hard-earned credits on a set of Premium spectre packs. To my delight, my second and third packs awarded me a Prothean particle rifle and a N7 Demolisher. To my amusement, the first awarded me with a Volus Engineer. Me and my friend were greatly entertained by its comedic appearance before the game had even begun.

And then it began. The volus cannot take cover, has ridiculously low health (a mere 150!), no melee attack to speak of,he sorta breaks lore (though it is explained) his mine is relatively weak and the scanner is rarely useful. But he is FANTASTIC. My sheild boosts were a constant barrier against the collecctor legions. Praetorians fell to my new Prothean rifle (Which is amazing!) and my heavy melee, instead of being purely offensive, was great at holding em' back. The volus also has the unexpected invisibility which was helpful with objectives. AND his amuzing size and dodge rolls were constantly keeping morale up when the scions arrived. Upgrading his sheilds and using just the rifle also kept him gong for far longer than even our Krogan team member. It took alot to bring him down.

So my reveiw? 7/10 for the little guy. While his size and speed are "Downfalls" (Albeit hilarious ones) the cover thing mainly bothers me. But he has so many unexpected boons that he was a joy to play as.

I hope you enjoy him as much as i did.

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