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  • Killerkidzz78

    So i started up Mass effect 3 today (after a lengthy download) and spent my hard-earned credits on a set of Premium spectre packs. To my delight, my second and third packs awarded me a Prothean particle rifle and a N7 Demolisher. To my amusement, the first awarded me with a Volus Engineer. Me and my friend were greatly entertained by its comedic appearance before the game had even begun. And then it began. The volus cannot take cover, has ridiculously low health (a mere 150!), no melee attack to speak of,he sorta breaks lore (though it is explained) his mine is relatively weak and the scanner is rarely useful. But he is FANTASTIC. My sheild boosts were a constant barrier against the collecctor legions. Praetorians fell to my new Prothean r…

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  • Killerkidzz78

    So this might sound really stupid for you and pointlessly random, but i was wondering how the star wars universe would do against the Reapers in their own cycle. I have my own ideas to discuss, but i want your opinions too. Enjoy.

    So the Star wars universe has been ravaged by a civil war, its strongest military defeated and the galactic community weakened. "Sup" says Sovereign, strolling into the galaxy which is DEVOID OF MASS RELAYS, so the Reapers need to think of new solutions (The Relays could be in another galaxy- this could be another galaxy to Mass Effect). We have the new Rebellion in power, the Jedi are returning, so on and so forth. but the Reapers have different technology and weapons, and a massive scope of Races to harvest (a m…

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  • Killerkidzz78

    New DLC ideas?

    July 9, 2012 by Killerkidzz78

    So i was thinking about me3 and the supposed "leviathan" DLC, and i started wondering about ideas for new DLC in the future. My ideas are as follows, with two main ideas and some small one s to go with it. So lets begin:

    1: Take back Omega! I was talking to Aria t'loak the other day, and she mentioned that the day to take back omega was coming fast. So where was this mission? What im thinking is aria contacts you via message and tells you to meet her someplace like the citadel. You then proceed to attack Omega, fighting through waves of cerberus troops and meeting people like Gavorn along the way, picking up some War assets too. Some side missions could be included too.

    2: The Raloi, avian bird people! These guys have not really been mention…

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