Now that it's been more than a year of replaying...

After several ME2 playthroughs I noticed that there are missions that I look forward to completing and missions that I despise so much that I wish I could skip them (well I know some can actually be skipped, but I go for 100% mission completion), sometimes even switching difficulty to casual to speed up the process. The former are: Dossier: The Warlord, Dossier: The Justicar, Dossier: The Assassin, Jacob: The Gift of Greatness, Miranda: The Prodigal, Mordin: Old Blood, the Collector Ship and the Reaper IFF ones, Overlord minus Hammerhead parts. The latter are: Dossier: Archangel, Horizon (got to be the most hated one), both of Liara's missions on Illium, Thane: Sins of the Father, Grunt: Rite of Passage (which I only found fun on my first playthrough), anything on the Hammerhead (I have always been, am and will be bad at driving). So, do you feel the same way about any missions? I don't want to mention ME here because pretty much the entire game was a pain to me, but of course you can talk about it, too.

This leads me to a more general question: did multiple playthroughs kill or at least minimize the emotional impact of the game to you? I wouldn't know because I play for some shooting fun, eye candy and nice atmosphere (I'm a shooter person in the wrong place), so I either skip or don't read dialogues thoughtfully anyway unless I feel that it might be important... But I guess normal people are more serious about them.

I'm running a fever, have a nasty cough and my sinuses are filled with something I can't even describe... without violating the language policy. Hello, seasonal flu :(

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