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  • Kd82

    Wrex and Mordin

    March 17, 2012 by Kd82


    • How does Wrex know that the Genophage cure was fake?
    • Because Mordin is not listed on the casualty board!

    Apart from a weak joke, it seems to be a tiny plot oversight. Shepard behaves as Mordin died, but not listed on the board. (Of course, this applies if events played out in a certain way.)

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  • Kd82

    Old ideas and speculation revisited. SPOILERS

    • Unable to pick up some thermal clips even with patch 1.01
    • Couldn't finish Samara's recruitment mission once, because the lesser eclipse mercs never showed up in the last room. I had to reload the entire mission from beginning.
    • I managed once to kick the geth prime on Haestrom into the wall after the first explosive and got stuck in the mission.
    • My squadmates managed to push a sentry gun into the wall on Freedom's Progress (and the next door does not open until all sentry guns are destroyed).
    • The game sometimes crashes when I try to reorder the quickbar.
    • Most e-mails from the Illusive Man describing various DLC items (e.g., Zaeed's contract, Inferno Armor, etc.) are empty in the hungarian version.
    • Miss…

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  • Kd82


    When you do the final speech, he stands among your squadmates. Maybe this is nothing, or maybe hint for a DLC: fighting from his perspective in London, or he becomes a regular squadmate? From the radio chatter, he is alive after the run.

    (And two editing lessons for me: where to speculate and how to edit. I wish I had better defaults for new and unknown situations.)

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  • Kd82

    ME3 References

    March 16, 2012 by Kd82

    References to other games or sci-fi elements?

    • Ardat-Yakshi Monastery: In the room where whe meet Samara, there is a wall half open which looks like as taken from Portal?
    • EDI refers to her skin as bio-mimetic and changes shape to absorb damage: Terminator and Crysis?
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  • Kd82

    ME3 inconveniences

    March 14, 2012 by Kd82

    I read may reviews of the game, but noone seemed to complain about the UI and some mission aspects. Here are my thoughts (played the PC version).


    I often found myself not knowing where I was in the fetch side quests. Looking at the mission text I couldn't realiably decide whether I actually found the requested thing or not. I had to check the wiki many times.

    No button to jump into the journal? And if the journal is open, why is it positioned in the middle of all quests? I had to scroll to the top every time.

    The journal is inaccessible from the galaxy map. If fetch mission texts state where to look, many were active at once and the cluster labels didn't mark them, I had to exit just to look at the journal. Then find the system again…

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