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  • Kaminoman

    My favourites are udina assasulting the c-sec officer the korgan punching that annoying reporter forgot her name and the turian getting run over by a human driver that was hilarious i bet the turians would start a war over that if they saw it theyd think the human was being racist and finaly my last favourite was the krogan pushing the salarian into the varren pitt and being eaten to death anyway i found this dlc the best yet well worth the money i was shocked when i found of what the shadow broker was i thought he was a qunari at firtst because of the horns.

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  • Kaminoman

    heres my theory depending on what you did in mass effect 1 e.g saved the rachni queen she and her army of rachni will be the first to aide you then you recuit the krogan depending on wether you killed wrex or not he will lead a massive joint-clan fleet of krogan to aide you and in return you must give moridans data on the genophage to him so he can save the krogan. i also think Aria will be persuaded to help with her fleet of mercs and then depending on your choices in mass effect 2 the geth will be lead by legion along with the newly converted heritic geth also there may be another quarian/geth war depending on your decision at the end of tali's trial the geth and quarians may live in harmony once more witha joint geth quarian goverment.…

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  • Kaminoman

    i was recently thinking are the reapers actually trying to assimalte the galaxys races to save them from theier miserble organic lives do you think the reapers where originaly a humanoid species who constructed thousands of ships then melted themselves into organic material which was then transfered to their new ship bodies like sovereing said we are each a nation i thinkt that means thousands of beings must make up a single reaper which gives them a greater intelligence and allows then to live forever do you think shepard will be able to decide to join the reapers in their age old conquest and do you think we will be able to control the normandy 2 in the final batlle.

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