Hi guys, I just thought I'd share this link with you.

Link here:

Apparently the lead will be James Vega and will show events during his training and not events in (or mentioned in) Mass Effect 3. The animation style will be similar to One Piece's anmation and no CGI will be used. The anime will cover controversial topic like steroid abuse (no joke) and PTSD. Mass Relays will not be present as it will focus more around Vega being a rookie in training in the military academy.

Also, Justin Rojas, a representative of Funimation, said (either jokingly or otherwise) that there will be links between this anime and the soon to be released Dragon Age 2 anime and to not be surprised if we battle dragons in both.

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Bioware have revealed a teaser video and image (see below) for the new MAss Effect Anime.

Link here:

Personally I would have preferred the Halo short animation film style of animation to One Piece simply because it would more suited and I am not so sure about the dragon thing either. I have a fear that they are trying to make it all too mainstream and in the end they are diluting the series so much the fans of the original won't recognize it anymore.

What are your thoughts on this?

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