ME3 Driven

Lazarus Project 3.0

Check out this fan made ending project and samples linked below. So far it is very well done and honestly, it salvages the ending of the game if you use it directly after playing. They are working on making animation type stuff and further slide shows or graphic novel type stuff (you can select which type before running it) but this is the Alpha version and will be improve upon. The Lazarus Project is working on a player choice gameplay initiative too.

I thought I'd share an updated version of the proposed ending for the slideshow I mentioned. Here is a very (very) good fan fiction.

And the original slide show app again.

There are hopes to get both creators to work together on the story content and there is no word yet on the artists/animators.

The main project pages for this initiative can be seen here:

  • Lazarus Project 3. (More than a slideshow, a gameplay element is planned for PC users (sorry consolers)) Note: Registration required to access this info as it is an ongoing collaborative project. However, for those not wishing to affiliate with HTL, I will update this blog when information becomes available.

Update: They have already started the music aspect for the app/project.

  • Music Samples. (Just samples at the moment and not decided on as the final pieces.

Additional Update: Just so people know, this project will be entirely free for people to download when completed. And the creators behind it are doing it out of their own spare time and expense. Show some likes/shares/spread the word/appreciation if you can.

ME2 Scholar

If you know deviant artists or artist/designers that would be interested then please submit them to the guys on the Lazarus Project or relevant App page linked above.

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