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  • Kaloneous


    Hi Everybody, I just thought I would share this info with you and hopefully you will enjoy it. Anyways, there is a new fan made film coming out called Red Sand and it will star Mark Meers as the lead character. For a fan made film this is fairly well funded and has some great effect. The film itself is being completed as a cross collaboration college project for a film school and it is looking like it will be one to watch out for in the future.

    Serving as a prequel to the MASS EFFECT game series,"Red Sand" is set 35 years before the time of Commander Shepard and tells the story of the discovery of ancient ruins on Mars. Left behind by the mysterious alien race known as the Protheans, the ruins are a treasure trove of advanced techno…

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  • Kaloneous

    Lazarus Project 3.0

    Check out this fan made ending project and samples linked below. So far it is very well done and honestly, it salvages the ending of the game if you use it directly after playing. They are working on making animation type stuff and further slide shows or graphic novel type stuff (you can select which type before running it) but this is the Alpha version and will be improve upon. The Lazarus Project is working on a player choice gameplay initiative too.

    I thought I'd share an updated version of the proposed ending for the slideshow I mentioned. Here is a very (very) good fan fiction.

    • ME3 Interactive Fan-fiction Live.

    And the original slide show app again.

    • Mass Effect 3 Epilogue Slides.

    There are hopes to get both creators to w…

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  • Kaloneous


    The following link is the culmination of all the fans desires for the potential DLC expansion material. It is a very detailed poll, broken down into numerous other polls. Please take some time to respond and make your choices.

    These polls are being sent to bioware as community feedback.Link here: Official Poll.

    These polls are being sent to bioware as community feedback.

    Again I will add the link here so remember to vote:

    Please write your suggestions here too! BioWare can't say that the fans didn't give enough feedback if we use both mediums (polls and text).…

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  • Kaloneous

    This blog contains current and previous theories that are still considered SPECULATION!

    • Information updated on a regular basis and is subject to changes.
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        • Bioware Co-Founder Dr. Ray Muzyka Speaks Out by Raymorn.
        • Excellent analysis on Fan Entitlement and artistic vision by Phantomdasilva.

    • Lazarus Project 3.0 Fan made endings application.


    A few hours ago an anonymous user who leaked the multiplayer DLC (just an hour earlier) has claimed that the ending fiasco was deliberate because of the game’s storyline being leaked. They changed it so they could have more time to prepare the real ending DLC. It is called “The Truth”, and will be released in April or M…

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  • Kaloneous

    Hi guys, I just thought I'd share this link with you.

    Link here:

    Apparently the lead will be James Vega and will show events during his training and not events in (or mentioned in) Mass Effect 3. The animation style will be similar to One Piece's anmation and no CGI will be used. The anime will cover controversial topic like steroid abuse (no joke) and PTSD. Mass Relays will not be present as it will focus more around Vega being a rookie in training in the military academy.

    Also, Justin Rojas, a representative of Funimation, said (either jokingly or otherwise) that there will be links between this anime and the soon to be released Dragon Age 2 anime and to not be surprised i…

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