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Ashley: My love, she's perfect. Tali: 12 fingers and toes. not good for having kids, would be deformed. Liara: I'm still uncomfortable with the whole blue "mono-gender" / "unisex" thing. about 110 years old, possibly great grandma's bestie and can't birth a son. Miranda: Can't have kids cause she was cloned from a penis. Better off fucking Daddy, at least he's real. Jack: Not a bad option once you get to know her and can get over the possibility that her pussy is probably loose & has STD's.

When doing my "true play through" I always ask myself, what would I say or do in this situation. I don't necessarily look for the renegade, paragon or neutral option to please everyone or get want I want. Example1 (ME1): I wanted with a passion to save the people on Feros, but if I was really in that situation, I'm not going to make an effort to save someone who's SHOOTING AT ME! Possessed or not. That shot at me... I shot back. Fuck a gas grenade. Example2 (ME2): Though I have the paragon and renegade options available to guarantee the success of a mission, I'd rather fail the mission for choosing an option that would most accurately compliment my non-virtual self. (Loyalty Missions)

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