So I came across this sad news last night and I thought I'd share it with everyone on the wikia since no doubt a few of us are Star Wars fans. It is as it says in the title Disney has closed down LucasArts

So what's your opinion on this, cause to be honest I'm mixed. On the one hand it's sad to see those people lose their jobs and for the studio to close because of all the games they brought out. But on the other hand when was the last good game they brought out it's been a while, (Just to note I did like the first Force Unleashed). And in-fact some of their best games weren't even done by them, the likes of Kotor, Battlefront, Jedi, X-wing and Empire at War were all done by different developers.

This also brings into question the future of Star Wars games as Disney are canning 1313 and First Strike. Hopefully they will be smart and lend them out to other developers, especially the star wars IP's we'd like to see sequels to, like Battlefront 3 and Republic Commando 2. Of course that brings into question if those companies would do it right, I mean if Activision or EA got their hands on BF and RC chances are they'd turn them into Star Wars COD or Battlefield.

Edit: A few websites are saying 1313 and First Strike are on Hiatus and are not canned.

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