Hi JediSpectre117 here. Since this is my first ever post on a wiki I thought I'd start with an idea that has probably been descused (I am a bad speller sorry)and will be answered in ME3. The origin of the Reapers. This idea came from Stargate and the covenant from halo. The race that created the citadel and mass relays wanted to reach the pinnacle of their evolution and thought that becoming machines was the highest form “sovereign says that we organics are a GENETIC MUTATION and quote “we are the pinnacle of evolution”. So like the covenant in halo all the race became fanatic in this idea and when the time came they all did as seen in the collector base and became Reapers. But they then realised their mistake that they would run out of power and came up with the plan that started the cycles. An other idea is that they were so fanatically that they believe that every sentient race should become Reapers and made extinct. I look forward to your comments and I should be doing more as I have many ideas. (when I think about it the idea was much better in my head than written down).

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