I am a bit surprised that no one on this wiki as made a connection with Mass effect and the skyrim trailer or at least made a blog or form about it. Anyway here's my connection. "You should have acted, their already here" (Shepard to the council) "The elder scrolls foretold of their return" (the Prothean beacons) "Defeat was mearly delay" (Sovereign battle of citadel) "to the time after oblivion opened" (the omega 4 relay) "to when the sons of skyrim would spill their own blood. (Legions geth v heretic geth) "but no one wanted to believe, believe they even egsisted" (I think we all know that part, the council not believing in the Reapers) "and when the truth finally dawned it dawns in fire" (Reapers attack) "but there's one they fear, in their tong he is Dovakiin, dragonborn" (do I even have to say Shepard). I know its probably coincidence but I just thought I'd make a connection between two soon to be epic games. this would also make a good video. I hope to hear some comments.

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