Ok many of us are wanting/ demanding a new ending to ME3. One problem I can see with this… what if the new ending is just as unpopular. We need to make it clear what we want. If we say we want a better, happier ending, Bioware might give us just that and practically the same on the choices you make. All I can say is this I don’t want that. Yes I want a happier ending but I also want one similar to the one we have. IWANT WHAT WE WERE ORIGINALY PROMISED OUR PAST CHOICES MAKE THE END.

I would like to come on and see a person leaving a comment saying his ending was just the same as the one we have. Then someone comment in surprise as they say that they got a great ending, everyone lived, the Reapers destroyed, Shepard and their love together. Then another person leaves a comment saying that in their ending the Reapers won.

So what about you, do you want an ending were the different ones are near enough the same or do you want to play 5 different Shepard’s that have made different choices from each other in all 3 game and have 5 totally different ending’s. Also whats your ideas for an ending?

I also have a few ideas on how to make the last mission better; I will add them over time.

  • Hacketts speech: Now the speech with Admiral Hackett is brilliant but I think it can be improved. Depending on your choice as he speaks at point it will turn to Turians getting ready and the Geth while his voice is heard over head. Now If Bioware were to add just a few more scenes for that will Hackett gives his speech it would be better and they could be effected by your choices. eg After the Turians it goes to the Krogan (listening if you will) with wrex and grunt if they are alive or wreav and another if they’re not. (Wreav and grunt if grunts alive but wrex not and you get the picture)
  • Fleets ready: Before you reach earth joker runs of the list of fleets that you have gathered, now this bit could have been down better, for one if you made peace with the quarians and geth you’ll see geth cruisers and fighters in the fleet as well as Batarian. Also the scene turns to a quarian captain (I think is koris if he lives) see that their fleet is reafy. Now this should have happened to all the fleets you got. So the scenes you turn to the Bridge and captians saying their fleets are ready. Eg Asari fleet, Bridge of Destiny ascension and Matriarch Lidanya saying the asari fleet is ready.

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