I thought I should run this by the community. Should we knote anywhere that the ending of mass effect 2 (Destroied the collector base) is simalar to the sith ending of kotor and Light side ending in Kotor II. I'll explane the similarities. First the Normandy excaping the collector base, the Ebon Hawk has to escape the destruction of Malacor V (Kotor II) after that it shows the EH drifting through space towards a nebular. After you have spoken to TIM the Normandy can be seen doing the same. (Kotor ending) after Joker hands you the datapad you see the Reaper fleet approching the Galaxay first facing them head on. In the sith Ending of Kotor it shows the same view of the sith fleet (exept they are already in the galaxay). Could just be me but since we are allowed to knote reference to other Bioware games I thought I'd mention what I think. (sorry about spelling)

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