So I was looking around our backgroumd races article when I clicked on Junthor and I saw this in its trivia section:The phrase "monsters from the id" is a homage to the classic and hugely influential science fiction film Forbidden Planet, where an ancient civilization of unimaginable power gave birth to monsters from their own psyche (which according to Sigmund Freud's structural model of the psyche, is composed of id, ego and super-ego), and were wiped out by these said monsters.

So before I continue does anyone else see where I'm going with this.

[Edit] here is a qote from the description of the planet, remember this planet was host to an ancient spacefaring race: In the center of the ruins was a single column whose inscriptions defied translation for several centuries.

When asari linguists finally managed a translation, the elaborate relief carvings said merely, "Walk among these works, and know our greatness." The crude scratches on the base of the reverse side said, "Monsters from the id."

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