We're not far off Mass Effect 3 now and the demo comes out tommorow (some managed to get it earlier), so are we all ready for ME3. Do we all have oursaves ready to import and do we have our Shepards the way we want.

So whats your Shepard like, what save are you going to import first in order to start ME3. I think this would be a good idea so we know who will be able to put what down on this wikia after their first playthrough (e.g. the effects of saveing or letting the council die). What are some of your expectations, if you have scenario in your head that you think might be in ME3 what do you plan to do. From what we already know about ME3 what do you plan to do.

I'll start off with the Shepards. My first playthrough will be with my pure paragon, all missions and assignment done. The only problem I have is do I import my Liara romance, Tali or Miranda.

WARNING: For Other users, please do not mention what you would do if you have read from the leaked scripted.

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