I know what your thinking oh no not an other halo vs ME or what would it be like if Shepard met Master Cheif or oh great fan fiction. I have never realy liked fan fiction (That was after I viewed the mass effect fanon wiki) or crossovers but on one of my faviorite youtube vid some comment about a fan fiction story called the last spartan. The other day I gave in to my curiaosaty and looked it up and I realy liked it. I then went to look at other halo/ME crossovers and found one called Mass Effect New Origins V2 and like the other I realy like it and would recomend everyone on this wiki to read them both. Also it appears some of us have had a tuff weak so hopfully it will brighten you up.

  • The Last Spartan I am not going to reveal much about this as it is short for the moment compared to the other one. In it, it focuses on Master chief taking on the role as commander shepard (Meaning shepard doesn't exist) it so far follows the plot of Mass effect 1 with the addition of the history of halo and the species. There are a few funny bits and most of our faviorite ME characters are there and There are deferences you should notice. (Huh despite the fact Chief is known as humanitys biggest hero Udina still treats him like dirt)
  • Mass Effect New Origins V2 This one is quite long (6-9 hours to read I think) but you should still injoy it. There are defenetly defrences in this one. The Alliance is not formed and remians the UNSC. The elites, grunts and hunters form a union called RSN. Both do not join the council races most of the charecters are deferent from Mass Effect e.g Garrus is a spectre that joins them to Eden Prime. The battle of Shanxis didnt insted it is harvest (funny comments about that in story). Only 5 charecters from halo exist, the arbiter, the shipmaster, the Gravemind, Jun and Nobel 6 (your in for a supprise on that one) and the flood are on Feros insted of the thorian and they take over Omegia and Aria is killed. That about all I will reveal. Would read chapter 7 if you want to see the turian couniler put in his place and make you hate him even more. Read up to 16 then commnent what you think so far.

Well I hope you will read them both and comment here, I realy liked them and hopfully you do to. If you let me know what you think about them I well post reviews on them both regarding what you have said has I had to join to leave comments.

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