While posting a comment on my last blog (the James Vega one) where I mentioned that for some reason now and again I hoped the counsil still deni the Reapers and not help in ME3. I came to the relisation that it could posably be true (I would like to know if I am the only one thinking this). Here is some evidence which made me believe that it mite happen. Note this is if you saved them.

  • In both Mass Effects with the Geth heretic and the collectors, Humanity asks for help from the counsil but because they only attack human planets the counsil are unwilling and say they can not get involved in a purly human matter.At the momment the only planet the Reapers attack are human, EARTH who's to say the counsil won't say the same as before.
  • Second: In ME the counsil don't beleive your warning and evidence until Sovergin finaly attacks. At the end your left thinking finaly they believe you. WRONG!!!!In ME2 it is reveled that they still did not believe sovergin was reaper but was just a geth ship and they think you are crazy, even when a geth tells them they don't believe. Combine the two and since the Reapers are only attacking earth and the counsil infact don't believe in them they may dismise it along the same lines as the Geth and Collector attacks.
  • Also why would Shepard have to go to the homeworlds of counsil races. Surly if he had the support of the counsil he/she would just have to raly non-council races.
  • Thats all I can think of at the momment will add more when it comes to me. So what do you think is it a posabilaty. (I realy hope I am wrong).

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