• Jancz00

    Nihlus in ME2

    January 22, 2011 by Jancz00

    hello, I hope this won't be considered as spam, if it will please delete it but first tell me where to share this interesting fact thank you. this is connected to Samara's recruitment mission and talking with her, first when you talk to her long enough she mentions Nihlus when fighting with him etc.. after another few playthroughs I noticed that at the police station on Illium where Samara waiting, some asari police officer interogates a turian, this turian has exactly the same facial marking as Nihlus probably from same world or colony or even some relative? :-), so do you think it's pure coincidence or is there something more? my opinion is that it's only nice convenient coincidence :-) so did you noticed it too?

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