This is what happens when Grunt comes on the Normandy

Grunt: What's up Shepard?

Shepard: Not much, hey why are you here?

Grunt: Oh, Bioware needed some more money and decided to rip off their fanbase with a terrible DLC.

Shepard: Oh what is it this time? And how much do you cost?

Grunt: Well, you get me as a squadmate but I can't go on missions. I'm just here to interact with. And I cost 1600 microsoft points.

Shepard: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wantZ grunt as a sqadmat i'd pay 100000000 dollars! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

Grunt: Yeah well i'm here becuase some dumb*** actually paid that much.

Shepard: Oh I see... ( Shepard procedes to give grunt a swift kick in the quads )

Grunt: What the **** was that for you dumb*** ****.

( Shepard and grunt run to the display map and get in a flamewar with Ashley. )

Ashley: Shepard I...

Shepard: Call ov duty bwack opz too will b da best gam eva!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grunt: Yeah kill noobs!!!!!!!!!!!

( The two of them argue with eachother and then LilyHeartsLiara and Milkman ignite another flamewar just by walking into the room )

The Milkman: Mass Effect 3 was good but it had some flaws.

LilyHeartsLiara: **** you milkman. Go **** yourself and **** *** in the corner you ************* stupid *** ****. Bioware never made any mistakes they are perfect.

Lancer: If this continues you will be banned for violating the language policy.

Then the catylyst comes into the room and spoils the ending and shepard blows his brains out and Joker crashes the ship into the Citadel and kills the council.


So what'd you think of this DLC idea?

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