Around the first few months of Mass Effect 3's release I had felt that Bioware had written themselves into a corner. However I honestly don't think that now. 

If anyone will remember Halo 3 was said to be the last Halo and even with the whole unknown planet thing people said "they can't go anywhere with it". Well after playing "Halo 4" I just was thinking about how wrong they were. In Halo 4 a cryptic warning is dropped at one point but you never hear what its about. It leaves questions about who your future enemy will be. 

I honestly think if Mass Effect 4 is set in the future after Mass Effect 3  they'll  find a way to make it work. 


( If you played Halo 4 you'll understand this )

Did anyone else notice that "a certain ship"  in Halo 4 could tear a reaper in half?

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