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An Apology to Anyone Bothered By My Other Blogs

James12708 December 5, 2012 User blog:James12708

The title says it all, from now on I will only make serious blogs. The story has been removed from Anyway the reason I wrote that "mental vomit" as someone called it was because I was just trying to see if I could top all the other horrible stories that people wrote. I guess it's just not appropriate for this wiki but i was just trying my hand at writing something that "crosses the line twice". From now on I will no longer put links to any stories I find or write.

Also I wasn't really paying attention to that story when I wrote it as I was just attempting my hand at a terrible story. However after I went back and read it I nearly threw up becuase i'm easily grossed out by anything involving "fecal matter" and that's more of the reason i deleted it.

So can we forget about it?

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