Am I the only one thinking that the so called 'rich' text editor is what's causing all the terrible formatting errors new users are making? I use the code editor only, so I can't say for sure, but there are loads of stupid formatting problems occurring that even the stupidest editor couldn't cause to happen unless they were typing with their face.

Extra spaces, people typing in the middle of table formatting etc. and the editors doing it don't seem to be aware of why it's happening, which wouldn't make sense with the code editor since it's perfectly obvious when you use it why it's happening. Even if you don't know how the coding works, it shouldn't surprise anyone why sentences in the middle of code are causing problems. However if they were using the rich text editor, and can't see what code is being entered, it wouldn't look like the text was entered in the middle of the code, it would look like the text was added at the end of a paragraph, and all of a sudden a table is messed up, or a bunch of large spaces added before sentences.

This would obviously make it the fault of the rich text editor, and not the people using it.


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