So I've decided that tomorrow, Sunday 4th March (mainly 3rd March in the US), will be my last day on the wiki until I finish the game.

I had hoped to stay pretty much up until the day before release, but I've already stumbled across a couple of spoilers I really wish I hadn't. Evidently some jerks (including BioWare with that damned art book, what were they thinking!?) have decided that now is late enough to start spouting off spoilers in public.

Therefore I've decided to go dark a little bit early. I'll be around tomorrow to take care of any administrative stuff I need to and leave behind some messages about my personal preferences for how various ME3 topics should be handled when the game is released, but then I won't be back until I finish the game. The game comes out March 8 in Australia (basically March 7 in the US). I finished ME2 in 3 days, but I'm busier these days so it might take longer. I expect to be back no later than the 15th.

Some of you may remember that when I went dark on ME2 I actually didn't show up for a few months, since life got in the way. I have every intention of returning promptly this time however.

I'll still be in contact via email, I'm only going dark from Mass Effect related stuff, so you can contact me via email from the wiki if you have something that needs my attention, and feel free to leave messages on my Talk Page, which I will be notified of via email. Please avoid spoilers though. I'll be putting a notice on my talk page requesting no spoilers, so please avoid doing so until I take it down.

Anyway, I will be back tomorrow, I just wanted to give my notice now, so to speak.


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