Ok, so I've been absent for an extended period of time, for which I apologise. I had some other things going on and couldn't really spare the time for the wiki or spend much time thinking about it.

I've got more free time so I'm ready to jump in and help out some more. Apart from the regular admin issues like vandalism and enforcing policies etc. is there anything else going on I should be aware of? Issues I could weigh in on? Projects that could use my help? Any Wikia changes I should know about? I'm all ears.

I had a peek in the Policy and Project forums and there doesn't seem to be much going on on the Policy front, but I'll check out a couple of Projects I haven't seen before.


PS: If possible I want absolutely nothing to do with any discussion about the ending at all. I don't want to hear it. If I could I would automatically filter out all Talk threads or Blog posts about the ending, but I can't.

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