So, there's some new information from the UK edition of PSM3, I've read the scans, so here's the info. It appears that all the mags were shown the same demo and given the same interviews, so there isn't that much new, but there are some interesting tid-bits (Spoilers, obviously):

  • Tali's back, though whether or not she's a squadmate is still unknown. Apparently she has some "unfinished business" with Shepard.
  • Ashley and Kaiden are Spectres.
  • Jack's back. She's matured and softened up a bit. "You can't stay punk forever you know" - Derek Watts, Art Director
  • Legion might not be playable. The magazine says not to expect it, but how much of that is speculation isn't clear.
  • ME3's plot structure is a bit more like the original Mass Effect's.
  • A new enemy is called the Cannibal. It is a hybrid of Reaper, batarian and human and eats other enemies during combat to gain strength.
  • The Heavy Melee attack for at least one class (Probably the Engineer, it appears that was the class used in the demo) involves Shepard charging his Omni tool and striking the enemy setting them on fire and killing them instantly.
  • Combat feels more like Uncharted than a linear cover-based shooter.
  • More extensive character customization options.
  • One of the locations on Earth is a megacity, a merged Seatte-Vancouver that gets destroyed in the Reaper attack. Possible where the game starts.
  • Commands can be mapped to the D-Pad.
  • We visit Rannoch, the quarian homeworld, a mining operation on Mars and the salarian homeworld.

There's also a repeat of all the Game Informer, Marca Player information.

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