Not worth adding to the article, since there's next to no source apart from 'reliable tip' received by some site, but here you go:

“Ever since the announcement of Mass Effect 2 for the PS3 was made, people have been clamoring over whether or not Mass Effect 3 would make way to the system when the game releases. That question may now have an answer and it looks like it'll be made official in just a few short weeks.

Thanks to a reliable tip, it seems that BioWare is poised to reveal information about Mass Effect 3 shortly. As with every gaming-related event, some major news is always leaked from behind closed doors, and this year's PAX was no different. Planning an announcement in October, BioWare will officially announce Mass Effect 3 and will also let it be known that the game is coming to the PS3. This should be classified as a rumor and taken as a rumor.

Whether this holds true or not will be known in the near future. With the next entry hitting the PS3 in early 2011, will you buy Mass Effect 3 on the PS3 or will you continue to follow the series on the Xbox 360 and get the complete experience over all three entries?”

Didn't think much of it, until I ran the numbers. If you assume a late 2011 release, about Mass Effect 1 schedule, which isn't unreasonable, then that would mean 13 months after announcement until release. For comparison, Mass Effect 2 was 11 months between announcement and release. This would also be 9 months after ME2 released, ME2 was 14 months after ME1.

Assuming these numbers:

Mass Effect 2 development: 25 months.
Mass Effect 3 development, 22 months.

When you take into account Mass Effect 2's polish, a stated desire for quick turnaround, and statements saying the difference between ME2 and ME3 will be smaller than between ME2 and ME1, then October sounds like it's right on the money.

Keep in mind, however, that ME2's announcement was merely a CG teaser and very vague info, so I wouldn't expect much more than an announcement of platforms, and plot hints that will be completely incomprehensible at the current time.

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