I loved Kasumi and Overlord, but this is a whole other level, it's incredible. Just gonna break things down in a positive/negative thing since I'm too happy with it to properly articulate my thoughts at the moment. There will be spoilers, so play it first then read it. It's not so much a review for prospective buyers, but a jumping off point for discussion.


  • Absolutely incredible atmosphere. Whether it's investigating a crime scene, chasing an assassin through Illium, fighting a... well, I can't say that, everything from the new music, the sound design, the absolutely incredibly graphics and level design, come together to create a truly amazing experience. Most cinematic DLC yet, it feels like a great crime/thriller/action movie.
  • Best Renegade line in any Mass Effect game. Solving a certain situation with the line "You're forgetting something, I'm a Spectre too", shortly followed by "You'll live", totally badass.
  • Great score. The new music, only a couple of tracks, is great.
  • Completely surprised by the Shadow Broker revelation. I honestly didn't expect for everyone to be wrong.
  • Shepard and Liara have a really great back and forth going on here. The car chase dialogue is particularly funny.
  • Boss fights that actually feel like boss fights, instead of enemies with more armour.
  • This is the big one IMO: Actual Shepard character development. In a conversation at the end, you really get to express how your Shepard is feeling with everything that's going on, including short discussion of the Virmire survivor's distrust, and your relationship with your Love Interest, if you have one. This was the biggest, and most pleasant surprise of the DLC for me. Even though it's a role playing game, and in a way you're Shepard, it was still missing any real glimpse into that character, as you were never really given an option to express Shepard's deeper feelings. You do here, and it can be really great moment (I say 'can', because the dialog option I chose was, haven't seen the others yet).


  • General lack of squad mate dialogue. Something we'll need to get used to for DLC. Not as big an issued as I'd expected, since the story is so tightly focused on what's going on.
  • Upgrades and Powers added are useless until more DLC comes along.
  • There was a Charm/Intimidate option in a conversation, but despite having 100% Renegade, the option was still greyed out, not sure what's going on there. On the upside, it forced me to choose the option that led to my favourite line/moment in all of Mass Effect.
  • Where for art thou Tazzik?
  • Feron could have had a larger role.

On another note, it has a great line during combat, a little jab at the fans: "Remember when you could just slap Omni-gel on anything" "Yeah people really hated that security upgrade".

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