Just feel like I need to vent on this.

Does anyone else absolutely hate this thing? It's overproduced, over-scripted garbage, and has almost nothing of value. Short 5-minute bits for them to regurgitate their PR. Then they get a developer 'guest' on who, for the most part, answers absolutely nothing.

You can argue over how EA has influenced BioWare's game development since the acquisition, but in my mind by far the worst development is the insipid PR strategy they're developing. Everything you hear from the CEOs, marketing people and even the developers is just dripping with media-trained marketing-speak over-rehearsed PR garbage. Just watch BioWare Pulse or read any interview with the Doctors, you won't hear an original thought. Everything they say is almost word for word something they've said before or has been put out in a press release.

Then there's their 'Behind the Scenes' things, best represented by the ME2 Collector's Edition 'BTS' stuff, which was nothing but an ad. Absolutely zero 'behind the scenes' information, just the developers and voice acting celebrities recapping the marketing messages behind the game. Yeck.

It seems like everything that comes out of BioWare these days is pure unadulterated marketing. It's so obvious that all the phrases and stock lines they use have been market-researched to hell and back. As soon as ME2 was done, I knew that if they started using the 'ME3 is a great entry point in the franchise' line', I'd stop listening to everything they say. Mass Effect 3 the best entry-point? Give me a break!

I'm still really looking forward to the game, but I'm just sick of listening to these people.

This bug anyone else, or is it just me?


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