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  • JakePT

    Reporting For Duty

    May 22, 2012 by JakePT

    Ok, so I've been absent for an extended period of time, for which I apologise. I had some other things going on and couldn't really spare the time for the wiki or spend much time thinking about it.

    I've got more free time so I'm ready to jump in and help out some more. Apart from the regular admin issues like vandalism and enforcing policies etc. is there anything else going on I should be aware of? Issues I could weigh in on? Projects that could use my help? Any Wikia changes I should know about? I'm all ears.

    I had a peek in the Policy and Project forums and there doesn't seem to be much going on on the Policy front, but I'll check out a couple of Projects I haven't seen before.


    PS: If possible I want absolutely nothing to do with an…

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  • JakePT

    Parting Words

    March 4, 2012 by JakePT

    As I've said, I will now be taking a leave of absence from the wiki until I have completed Mass Effect 3. The only reason being the desire to avoid spoilers. I love being part of this wiki, because I love the Mass Effect franchise. However, my interest in the franchise itself trumps my interest in the wiki, so I'll be doing my best to preserve the Mass Effect 3 experience that I want. Unfortunately I have already had some things spoiled. Most by the Art of Mass Effect Universe book, which I'm really mad about, some by a couple of stray YouTube comments, and some by well-meaning people who have posted spoiler free information that unfortunately allows one to deduce an actual spoiler by accident. However I am happy that most of the things th…

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  • JakePT

    Tomorrow my last day

    March 3, 2012 by JakePT

    So I've decided that tomorrow, Sunday 4th March (mainly 3rd March in the US), will be my last day on the wiki until I finish the game.

    I had hoped to stay pretty much up until the day before release, but I've already stumbled across a couple of spoilers I really wish I hadn't. Evidently some jerks (including BioWare with that damned art book, what were they thinking!?) have decided that now is late enough to start spouting off spoilers in public.

    Therefore I've decided to go dark a little bit early. I'll be around tomorrow to take care of any administrative stuff I need to and leave behind some messages about my personal preferences for how various ME3 topics should be handled when the game is released, but then I won't be back until I finis…

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  • JakePT

    So Xbox is doing a Mass Effect promotion where people have a chance at winning early access to the Mass Effect 3 Demo, or the Normandy Avatar Prop.

    It's a Facebook App, so you'll need a Facebook account. Then you need to load this app:

    Click 'Launch' and a pseudo-game will launch. What you have to do is press 4 buttons in any order. That's all you have to do.

    While it may seem that you need to press them in a certain order, you do not, it is entirely random. If you're lucky you will win a code for either the ME3 Demo, or the Avatar prop.

    Once you have your code, redeem it here:

    This is an Xbox 360 only thing, so you'll have to be a 360 player. If you don't have an Xbox but …

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  • JakePT

    Mass Effect 3 Cast

    January 31, 2012 by JakePT

    Can anyone say "Stunt Casting"!

    Anyway, host of fabulous celebrities blah blah blah.

    Only real news here is Jessica Chobot as reporter Diana Allers. She also provides the face, though notably not the body. In their typical boy-like obsession with breasts, butts and hips BioWare artists have apparently decided that this isn't attractive enough. Embarassing.

    Video here.

    Press release and screenshots here.


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