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Paragon Lost FUNimation Sweepstakes

JAlbor December 14, 2012 User blog:JAlbor

FUNimation is currently holding a huge Paragon Lost Sweepstakes. Check out the event by clicking the image below!

Edit: Here are more details about what you can win:

Weekly winners will receive Bioware’s Mass Effect Trilogy and be entered to win a Grand Prize package featuring: Also if you refer a friend and they enter, you get your name entered multiple times.

  • One of a kind original production art from Mass Effect: Paragon Lost
  • Mass Effect Trilogy video game
  • Mass Effect: Paragon Lost t-shirt
  • Mass Effect: Paragon Lost badge
  • Mass Effect N7 Hoodie
  • Sci-Fi FUNimation DVD prize pack
  • Mass Effect: Paragon Lost patch
Paragon Lost Sweepstakes Image

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