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  • Ironreaper

    This is an issue of mine that truly bothers me: The Reapers and their strengths. Let’s look at the past facts.

    Sovereign’s attack

    In the Battle of the Citadel, Sovereign, being the smart/cowardly villain, it was immediately performed a blitzkrieg on the turians, ramming any ships in the way with its shields taking the brunt. After that Sovereign than latches to the Citadel Tower and closes the arms, safely protecting itself while the geth fleet faces off with the Citdael Fleet. Ultimately this means by the time the Citadel arms open and the Alliance goes up against Sovereign alone, without help from the Citadel fleets, which are too busy fleeing or trying to help the Destiny Ascension to help (Not the turian fleets were not all their, so it …

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  • Ironreaper

    Simply have no life of my own, so i wrote a list of all the contradictions and plotholes the Catalyst’s brings by its motivations and existence:

    1) If the Catalyst is itself an AI, why does it care about organics?

    2) If the Catalyst is itself an AI, then doesn’t it by its own logic want to destroy all organics?

    3) If the Catalyst was on the Citadel and is a being of complete power, why could it not activate the Citadel Relay itself, making the Vanguard and the keepers obsolete.

    4) If the Catalyst was on the Citadel and is a being of complete power, why could it not shut off the relays itself and grant the Reapers access, given them an easy victory.

    4) If the Catalyst was on the Citadel and is a being of complete power, why could it not kill the…

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  • Ironreaper

    Did Shepard leave Ceberus.

    September 9, 2010 by Ironreaper

    Considering the Paragon choice of destroying the Collector base and seriously pissing the Illusive Man of, do you think this makes Shepard a lone agent unconnect with Ceberus or do you think the Commander is still working with them merely on a less friendly basis.

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  • Ironreaper

    Ash/Kadian centered DLC?

    September 8, 2010 by Ironreaper

    DLC for Mass effect 2 has been winding down for now, but since Lair of the Shadow Broker allowed players who romanced Liara to repair that relationship does anyone think there should be DLC focusing on repairing the relationship with Ash/Kadian? If you do, what storyline do you think the DLC should follow to have Shepard working with them again?

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  • Ironreaper

    Gillian Grayson

    July 29, 2010 by Ironreaper

    Does anyone think Gillian may have an important role in defeating the Reapers? Its very likely I'm wrong, since I’m purely basing it on the fact that the Illusive Man repeatedly states tat she is humanities savior. It would b fitting i think. Any thoughts?

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