aka Adelphos

  • I live in Eden Prime
  • I was born on April 24
  • My occupation is Infantry Unit
  • I am Male
  • Iponce96

    Operation Vigilance

    September 6, 2012 by Iponce96

    I already know that the squad goal is going to be nigh impossible to do with the shear amount of uber-n00bs online in recent times. Does anyone want to get together and do a single match together just to get it out the way?

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  • Iponce96

    I'm starting to worry about the Operations. To clarify, I'm unsure as to what else Bioware can pump out in regards to ME3's multiplayer replay-ability. What other types of Operations do we want? To start, I want to get another go at Operation Silencer. I hate Banshees. Also, what about something like, "kill over 800,000 Atlas Mechs against Cerberus?" or something like that. Any thoughts?

    So then, what about gamemodes? What other gamemodes do we want to see? Obviously, things like team deathmatch won't fit due to ME3's playstyle. What about a Battlefield 3 Conquest like gamemode where the players defend an objective from the enemy forces? Also, new maps designed for such a gamemode would need to be included. And what about new enemy Factions…

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  • Iponce96

    Operation Olympus

    August 13, 2012 by Iponce96

    Operation Olympus, I think, has failed. Pretty sure we won't be getting any victory packs this Tuesday guys. Any thoughts or comments as to why? Personally, I think it was because the community is pretty lazy. We actually had to work for this Operation's success, and I feel like we were indifferent about it all. I can easily say I gave it my all. I played countless bronze and silver matches, but never could seem to actually get into a gold game. I always got kicked.

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  • Iponce96

    Multiplayer Add-up

    August 2, 2012 by Iponce96

    I just have been getting irritated with multiplayer lately. To clarify, the lack of co-op on a pure co-op multiplayer is annoying. I'm willing to collaborate with any other users to better the multiplayer experience. My Gamer-tag is "iponce96" without the quotations.

    Anyone who wants to add me, feel free. I normally play on Silver with the N7 Destroyer, though I'm not above Bronze. I'll play Gold or Platinum if I'm familiar enough with your playstyle.

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