There were many reasons to get the Collector's Edition of Mass Effect 3. Many people wanted to sew that patch onto their clothes (hell, I probably will eventually), they wanted all the DLC goodies, or they just wanted the bragging rights. For me, it was all of these things, but most of all the soundtrack. I remember getting basically ripped off on the ME2 soundtrack for the 'Digital Deluxe Edition'. As it turns out, they only gave like a third of the full soundtrack in the bonus files for that edition (as so I ripped them off right back >_> ).

But, much to my pleasant surprise, EA delivered (literally) this time around. However, even though the soundtrack was spectacular and they seem to have gotten every bit of the many tracks in there, I ran into an unexpected issue: The songs get me all emotional. I mean, it seems like every other song just conveys this overwhelming sense of loss and agony. Maybe I'm just way too emotionally attached to Mass Effect, but I swear these composers (especially Clint Mansell) weave pure feeling via sound. I mean when the Normandy takes off from Vancouver leaving that poor little boy behind, I just about break down every time. And I certainly don't have a history of crying over tear-jerker moments.

Not sure if there was any point in sharing that, but I am curious if anyone felt the same way about the soundtrack. I mean, sure it was fantastic and full of juicy epicness, but I'm going to have to pick and choose them carefully lest I chance re-living the moment of --SPOILER ALERT-- watching Tali take her final leap from that cliff on Rannoch.

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