• IncredibleFulk22

    I have been thinking about this for months since Mass Effect Retribution's annoucement. On the front cover, it shows Paul Grayson from Mass Effect Ascension. I was dwelling on this and I thought "hey he looks like Star Killer from "The Force Unleashed" game. I started thinking that Paul Grayson will no doubt become a major character in Mass Effect 3 if you've read Retribution already. I personally think that Samuel Witwer should voice & lend his likeness towards the charcter.Witwer seems to have alot of experience playing charaters that are dark & broken down like Star Killer. Grayson is also dark & broken down so I think Witwer will fit the role perfectly!!! Please Bioware!!!! It would be awesome if you did that. Seeing Star Killer & Shep…

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