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Reaper design

So I know the reapers are supposed to look like big insects to make them seem closer to the geth, but they are also supposed to be the apex of life so I'm just wondering... Why do they look like giant cuttlefish?? I mean seriously, I assume in the original reaper they got all the ai's and vi's and programs together and were like "Alright guys we need a body any suggestions? We're going for max efficiency here people." "Um how about a cuttlefish!" "A what?" "Well on this planet called earth they have these things called cuttlefish..."

"Alright lets see a picture..."[[File:


"Ya that's it." "This seems like the most logical shape for a giant spaceship any questions?" "Where would we put the guns?" "Really? Isn't it obvious we'd put it way back behind those tentacles!" "Good point!" "Any objections?"

  • silence*

"Alrighty then guys cuttlefish it is!"

I mean seriously...

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