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    ME3 DLC ideas v2.

    June 4, 2012 by ImTILDE

    I'm starting to like this.

    3 new classes, 2 new maps, 3 new weapons

    Firebase GRISSOM: Set at the prestigious Jon Grissom Academy, this has been the target of multiple enemy attacks due to the many valuable human biotics who are there.

    Firebase URBAN: Set in the highest skyscrapers of Illium, the planet provides valuable shipping lanes to all fronts and if lost, deals a heavy blow to all theatres.

    Batarian SIU Soldier: SIU were the most specially trained operatives in the Batarian Hegemony and their training expertise was sought after by many mercenary bands. However now with the Reapers here and their homeworld lost, all they want is Husk blood.

    Drell Assassin Infiltrator: Drell make for excellent assassins and are said to be one of the best in…

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    ME3 DLC ideas.

    June 3, 2012 by ImTILDE

    Seeing as to how someone else thought it was good to post their DLC ideas, heres mine:

    RESISTANCE pack:

    2 new maps:

    Firebase Cronos: Set at Cronos Station, this base is home to Cerberus and if lost, deals a heavy blow to the organization.

    Firebase Widow: The Citadel is a space station thought to be designed by the Protheans 50,000 years ago however many people think otherwise...

    2 new weapons:

    Athame MG: Named after the famed Asari goddess, this MG was designed to fire piercing rounds as a counter measure to Geth Prime armour.

    Reaper Handcannon: Used by Cannibals, this weapon can shift between firing grenades and concussive rounds.

    3 new characters (No new types but upgrades to previous classes) :

    Male Salarian Spectre Infiltrator: This specially t…

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