I was thinking, since we are now responsible for the death of an entire colony, will our spectre status(If given back) be stripped again, and war crimes for say, letting all those people burn in Zaeed's mission, and then executing Vido in cold blood be brought up?

Or how about allowing a bomb to go off on an asteroid, killing a dozen dock workers, but still killing Balack(Good thing, though)? Or how about allowing Vido or Ballack to escape? Will all these tie in? Or how about people who purchased Bring Down the Sky, but didn't save the colony? Millins die there, and Ballack gets away.

You get my point.

I really hope this happens, imagine the judge stating our crimes: "Murder in the first and second degree, terrosim, reckless indangerment of an entire colony,..."

I'd love that. Sorry for spelling.

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