"Two million dead the first day...Seven million by the end of the weak...There won't be enough enough to save..."-Unknown Alliance Sharpshooter

The trailer just went off not five minutes ago by the time I wrote this. It began with a soldier, likely an Alliance Sharpshooter. He lays down, leaning on a wall, heavy breathing...He quickly gets up, staring out the broken down window...A pair of Husks are seen killing a women.

He fires. And just as quickly as he did...

Reapers, hundreds if not thousands pollute the surface of Earth. The world is coming to an end. And the universe will be gone forever.

Now, the graphics were stunning, the best I've ever seen. Seriously, just had to get that out of the way. We all knew this would happen at some point in the know earth getting pounded down by accelerated weapons.

So we are gonna be in the middle of the Reaper invasion from the looks of it, and were loosing. But as far as we know, earth is never touched, it's just a trailer...and if you remember Mass Effect's trailer, they let Noveria die. So, how did this happen? Was Earth the first? Or was it the Citadel, then Earth? Time will only tell. And no, it's not a spin off...maybe.

Why did I say maybe? Because I'm thinking we'll continue with Shepard's campaign, but during that time will play as the sharpshooter too, fighting for survival. And sometime during that, Shepherd will either save him, or he'll die. Maybe we won't play as him...maybe he dies at the beginning, and was just to explain the horrors of the universe.

None of you know me, but I'll be updating more and more.

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