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    Who are some characters that you wish could have joined your squad? It could be Wrex or Liara reluctantly refusing, or someone who died unexpectedly like Okeer or Jenkins. It may even be someone unrelated to the squad like an enemy you wish you could have talked down.

    Personally, I wish that Wilson could have been allowed to be given a second chance. He is a fairly powerful tech and biotic, and could even of had a "Rivalry" with Jacob or Thane(Jacob seemed willing to help him, however, so thane would be a good one).

    Another I wish would have joined is Okeer. I don't understand why he just had to die. It would be awesome to have him on Tuchanka and all of a sudden the hostile Krogan distrust you even more for bringing back a mad scientist, wh…

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  • Hunter Zealot

    I've always wondered, how would I act towards aleins if I was in the 22nd centurary in the Mass Effect Universe? Honestly, I think i'd be a little racist, not so much that I'd join cerberous because of my "racism", or some other radical group, but enough not to really talk to them, probably only like asari for...other things, and so on.

    I would be open to aleins, but I'd probably have a slight hatred or just an uneasy feeling. I might eventually have a relationship with them, purely as friends...I think, but I think it would be awhile.

    How about you guys?

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  • Hunter Zealot

    I was thinking, since we are now responsible for the death of an entire colony, will our spectre status(If given back) be stripped again, and war crimes for say, letting all those people burn in Zaeed's mission, and then executing Vido in cold blood be brought up?

    Or how about allowing a bomb to go off on an asteroid, killing a dozen dock workers, but still killing Balack(Good thing, though)? Or how about allowing Vido or Ballack to escape? Will all these tie in? Or how about people who purchased Bring Down the Sky, but didn't save the colony? Millins die there, and Ballack gets away.

    You get my point.

    I really hope this happens, imagine the judge stating our crimes: "Murder in the first and second degree, terrosim, reckless indangerment of a…

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  • Hunter Zealot

    God Help Us

    April 15, 2011 by Hunter Zealot

    I thought this was great:

    2 million sold on the first day, Another 7 million by the end of the first week. Every store annihilated, all of our couriers on the run, regrouping somewhere.

    Reports are coming in from other major stores, it was a well co-ordinated release, and so far it's been damned effective...

    we know what they are, what they want and where they came from... Only one thing is certain... If Bioware don't resupply stores soon...

    There won't be an earth left to save...

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  • Hunter Zealot

    Mass Effect 3

    December 12, 2010 by Hunter Zealot

    "Two million dead the first day...Seven million by the end of the weak...There won't be enough enough to save..."-Unknown Alliance Sharpshooter

    The trailer just went off not five minutes ago by the time I wrote this. It began with a soldier, likely an Alliance Sharpshooter. He lays down, leaning on a wall, heavy breathing...He quickly gets up, staring out the broken down window...A pair of Husks are seen killing a women.

    He fires. And just as quickly as he did...

    Reapers, hundreds if not thousands pollute the surface of Earth. The world is coming to an end. And the universe will be gone forever.

    Now, the graphics were stunning, the best I've ever seen. Seriously, just had to get that out of the way. We all knew this would happen at some point …

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