Ardat-Yakshi Asari Adept

1st skill: Warp

2nd skill: Reave

3rd skill: Dominate (ME2 skill) works like sabotage but with organics. It can also prime the target.(No Damage)

Passive combat skill: increase power damage and duration

Fitness: same as others

Health/Shield: 100/1500

Heavy Melee: Recover 33% of max shield but take 100% damage while executing (1.5sec)

Quick Silver Batarian Solider

1st skill: Spider Grenade, homing without aiming, auto seeking Flame/Panic effects. (Tech Burst Primer)

2nd skill: Concussive Shot

3rd skill: Clips Armor (I know it sounded silly… help to rename it please) works like Fortification but increase clips size and firing rate.(No weapon damage bonus, otherwise OP) detonate to restore 33% of Max Clips

Passive skills: Quick Silver--- shorten reload time (35%maxed), weapon damage

Fitness: same

Health/Shield: 750

Heavy Melee: A weaker version of the Cerberus Smoke Screen.

Twin Tech Quarian Engineer

1st skill: Energy Drain

2nd skill: Twins Drones, Summons a Sentry Turret AND a Combat Drone at the same time

3rd skill: Over-Froze, slow moving bluish Incinerate (Non-Homing) that Frozen/Chill target(s)

Passive: Power damage and Cool down (15% max)

Fitness: same

Health/Shield: 500/600

Heavy Melee: Self-destruct Drones for AOE damage.

Working on a Turian Sentinel, Salarian Infiltrator and a Krogan Vanguard

This is my very first post, if any errors were found, feel free to be blunt. Suggestions are welcome, thank you

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