Thanks goes out to SilentCircuit for providing the info I needed.

So here's my complaint. Once you get to Priority: Earth, you have the chance to contact your squadmates past & present. Provided they survived their individual trials you can speak to: Miranda, Jacob, Mordin, Jack, Grunt, Samara, Zaeed, Kasumi and Cortez on the comms terminal. While walking around the FOB you can chat with Kaidan or Ashley, Primarch Victus, Garrus, James Vega, Liara, Javik, Wrex or Wreav or Kirrahe, Tali or Shala'Raan or the Geth Prime and EDI.

Now, here's the issue I have. The aforementioned characters are either squadmates during ME3 or the have been in the past. For those that weren't, they have played an important role in the past or during the events of this game. I won't break it down individually by character but I hope you all see where I'm going with this. So why in Hell's Half Acre am I talking to Steve "Esteban" Cortez??? He's the shuttle pilot! Big whup. Unless you romanced him, in which case it would make sense, he has no bearing on the past events up to this point. And Shepard's big freak out when he crashes the shuttle? Mularkey. Why aren't we speaking to Traynor instead? She at least provided important intel as well as being a generally better character. As far as characters go, Cortez seems to be the most shoehorned in. In short, I don't like his character and I wish they would have come up with someone better. Before you start your demented honking about me disliking him because he's gay, I fully support the direction BioWare has been going by including Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual characters in its games. I just think he's substandard. Sound off in the comments section.

Oh! And it's pronounced "FAWB", not "EFF-OH-BEE". Every time I hear that, I twitch.

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