I realize there have been some rather pronounced discussions about whether or not new squadmates would be present in ME3 (of course until BioWare unveils them this is rather pointless). My intent is to discuss the possibility of new species inclusion onto Shepard's crew, whether as squadmates or as Normandy shipmates.

So far, the combined squad includes: 7 humans (Ashley, Kaidan, Jacob, Miranda, Jack, Zaeed, Kasumi), 3 asari [2 members] (Liara, Samara/Morinth), 2 krogan (Wrex, Grunt), a quarian (Tali), a turian (Garrus), a drell (Thane), a salarian (Mordin) and a geth (Legion). In addition to the squad are the crew: mostly humans but primarily Joker, Dr. Chakwas, Kelly Chambers, and an A.I. platform (EDI) -> The list doesn't include the holdovers from ME1, like Capt. Anderson, Navigator Pressly among others.

I personally like the idea of having volus and hanar as shipmates (too flimsy and frail for field work), and batarians as possible squadmates. An elcor on board is too far-fetched. What would really be interesting is finding a colony of Protheans isolated from the main species and including one as a squadmate, though that would be a cop-out. Or even a "converted" Collector drone just like how Legion was created as the antithesis of its fellow geth.

Any ideas?

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