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  • Gruntburner

    I give up...

    March 26, 2012 by Gruntburner

    These last few weeks have been trying for me as a Mass Effect fan... Not because of the state of Mass Effect 3 but more of the reaction to it and its ending. Let me get this out there, I absolutely love ME3, it is currently my favorite game in the series and I am willing to over look what appears to me to be an incredibly sub-par ending in comparison to the rest of the game. But the ME community is so incredibly negative about the game that every time I visit a forum, I walk away angry. Even the ending didn't fill me with this much hate. I try to move on and try to discuss the positives of something in the game and it is always responded to with the same nihilistic response without fail: "What is the point? The ending invalidates ever…

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  • Gruntburner

    Apparently the list of achievements for Mass Effect has popped up on the internet and does contain some spoilers. For those that wish to go into ME3 untainted by spoilers of any kind, you should probably stop reading now. The spoilers aren't really that major, only really giving you a vague idea of what is going to happen. For those who what to see, the link can be found here:

    I for one found the multiplayer achievements quite reassuring. It is good that Bioware isn't making multiplayer exclusive achievements and has gone with an approach that allows those who despise all things multiplayer to get the full 1000G.

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  • Gruntburner

    Go Vote!

    April 17, 2011 by Gruntburner

    I have been following the Videogame Deathmatch for Best Franchise on and for the most part Mass Effect has been doing fairly good against Starcraft. Unfortunately, Husky, some sort of big name in the Starcraft community has told fans to vote and apparently it worked. Mass Effect is down at 47% now, so I am asking you to go vote for Mass Effect. Up until this point it has been doing well, but it needs your help now. The link is: [1]

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