Well, all good things must come to an end and in the case of ME3, it happens on the day before its one year anniversary.

My thoughts on the Citadel is that its an extremely well done last piece. Sure the big bad in it was a rather overused cliche but you guys have to admit you never saw that possibility coming. The fight against the big bad itself also proved to be a good final showdown.

Now, onto the part that helped made the DLC truly amazing: Wrex. After a year of waiting I finally get to fight alongside the most bad@ss Normandy crew member in the history of the franchise. Shame that I didn't bring him along for that infiltration part of the story but doing everything else with him was worth it.

Outside the story, in addition to multiple NPCs saying that Multiplayer is actually canon to the franchise, we have the Arena. In addition to being able to fight alongside the Normandy crew members we grew to love in the second game (sucks that Kasumi didn't have her flashbangs though), it actually proved to be more than a decent challenge in the simulation against the Shepard army.

And for the final goodbyes to the crew, although I haven't done the party at this point, it was nice to speak to the squad mates one final time, to the point it actually makes me like some of the characters I hate (everyone who isn't Wrex, Tali, Garrus, Kasumi, Grunt and the recently deceased Mordin and Legion). Except for Tali' much as I hate to say this as a person who loves Tali, her singing although beautiful, is simultaniously painful due to that voice effect of her's when she speaks.

So anyway, what did you guys have to say about the Citadel DLC?

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