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  • GodzillaMaster

    The trilogy has concluded 2 years ago with another addition to the story being on the way in the near or distant future, yet I can't help but feel that quite a few questions have been left unanswered in the story.

    So I asked myself what seems to be the most reasonable explanation to these unanswered questions, to both me and the rest of the Mass Effect community.

    How exactly did Cerberus find about Bakara on Sur'Kesh and the turian bomb on Tuchanka? The female krogan is being kept on a top secret salarian base and the bomb has been buried for over a thousand years and kept just as much of a secret, yet Cerberus just happens to know where to look for them? Yes I know that there was a passing mention of a salarian traitor that contacted them, …

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  • GodzillaMaster

    Create a Reaper Minion

    September 3, 2013 by GodzillaMaster

    So I’ve been thinking: the Reapers have been at their rather extremely flawed plan for over a billion years and while Mass Effect was a fun series with the ending being the sole exception, I can’t help but feel that the Reapers’ minions seem rather…..lacking in variety.
    I mean, throughout the entire Mass Effect trilogy, there have been only 12 kinds of Husks and 5 kinds of Collector soldiers. I can understand if it’s because of the need to save space, but it’s hard to take Reaper ground forces very seriously with such little variety to their soldiers, not even a proper boss fight facing off against the Destroyers.

    So I’ve decided, how about we make more minions for the Reapers?

    An upgraded version of the husks used by the geth heretics back i…

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  • GodzillaMaster

    I got bored so I went and made a blog where you guys can vote on whether or not a Reaper can take on the most powerful entities in other sources of fiction.

    Zeruel, the 14th angel of the series Neon Genesis Evangelion, and one of the strongest in the series.

    • Barrier- Like all Angels, Zeruel has a barrier that protects it from incoming attacks. Zeruel's barriers are unique in that it has at least 30 layers that can extend out to a notable range. Not only that but Zeruel is capable of using its barrier to easily throw its opponents across vast distances and even crush them.
    • Energy Beams- Zeruel can unleash highly destructive laser beams from its eyes, capable of penetrating deep underground through many countless meters underground through 22-2…

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  • GodzillaMaster

    Well, all good things must come to an end and in the case of ME3, it happens on the day before its one year anniversary.

    My thoughts on the Citadel is that its an extremely well done last piece. Sure the big bad in it was a rather overused cliche but you guys have to admit you never saw that possibility coming. The fight against the big bad itself also proved to be a good final showdown.

    Now, onto the part that helped made the DLC truly amazing: Wrex. After a year of waiting I finally get to fight alongside the most bad@ss Normandy crew member in the history of the franchise. Shame that I didn't bring him along for that infiltration part of the story but doing everything else with him was worth it.

    Outside the story, in addition to multiple N…

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  • GodzillaMaster

    Some ideas I have for a fanmade Multiplayer DLC, including new crossover enemy factions, characters, weapons, and maps. Will be continuously updated.

    Each time a player promotes his/her characters they will not only receive an increase to N7 rank and increase War Assets, they will also get a hefty bonus of 250,000 credits.

    • Players will no longer receive repeat character cards for characters that are already maxed out.
      • Reason: I've maxed out on all common human characters, yet I'm buying Spectre packs and I'm still finding a human character filling up a spot that could've been used for something I don't have; it's safe to assume that other people are experiencing similar circumstances
    • Loss of connection or quitting no longer means loss of rewar…

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