Hello Everyone and welcome to our next poll. As always here are the results from last time: The question was what is your favorite weapon type. In third place was the Heavy Pistols with 7 votes Getting the silver Medal in 2nd place with 14 votes were the Sniper Rifles. In first place were the almighty Assault Rifles with 19 Votes. Shotguns received 4 votes and SMG's received 1 vote. Now here is the next poll:

Continuing with our Mass Effect Arena series last time I asked who would win in a three way fight: !0 Alliance Marines, 10 Turian Blackwatch Agents, or 10 Salarian STG Agents. You voted the Alliance with a crushing 31 votes then in second place were the Turians with 9 votes. In third was the STG with 8 Votes. This Week we are having another three way vote and it is a battle of our enemies.


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