Hello Everyone and welcome back to our next installment of the Mass Effect Poll Series which has now been moved to a blog page instead of a forum page so that I could close the polls more easily. Starting off here are our results from the last vote: Your favorite all time DLC was Lair of the Shadow Broker which crushed the vote receiving 12 out of the 17 votes. Then Overlord received 2 votes then Zaeed,Bring down the Sky, and From Ashes each earned one vote. In the second poll which was the first of our Mass Effect Arena Series. You voted that 10 Salarian STG Operatives would defeat Two Krogan Battlemasters in a close 9-8 vote. Now let's continue with our next two polls.

What is your favorite weapon class in the Mass Effect Series? Assault Rifles Shotguns Heavy Pistols Sniper Rifles SMG's

The STG operatives won the last arena so they are now put into this one:

There is a three way conflict now but the questions is the same: Who would Win? 10 Salarians STG Operatives 10 Turian Blackwatch Agents 10 Alliance N7 Marines


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