Helllllo Everyone and welcome back to our 12th edition of our poll series. Today we are doing things out of order a bit. First off we have three questions this week the first regarding a new change I want to make to this wiki. As many of you may know this wiki has a policy that bans the use of what the Admins deem is "foul language" more than a few people here at our beloved wiki even described it as "all language must be PG". I strongly disapprove of this I feel that any "swear" or "curse" words should be used so long as they are Not racial, sexual or harassing another user. If you are using the F word to describe something on this wiki lets say for example The suicide Mission is F****** awesome that is not in my opinion offensive and should not have to be censored like I just had to. Whereas if you are targeting someone calling them a F*** then It should not be allowed. Many wiki's I visit have free speech and the users along with the Admins are happy using whatever words they feel. Long story short I hope to change this policy to give us more free speech and more user friendly experience. But only If I could rally support from both those who pushed for change in the past and those of you who are reading this now. So without further delay here is the most controversial question I have ever asked in all 12 VOTES.


Now lets get to the main question shall we? Last time I asked what would be the hardest Mass Effect decision to make in real life? Choosing to Control/Destroy/Synthesis the Reapers won with 32 Votes. In second place was Destroy or Rewrite the Geth heretics with 9 votes. Receiving the Bronze Medal was to cure the Genophage or sabotage the cure in Mass Effect 3 with 5 votes. Spare/Kill the Rachni queen received 4 votes. Choosing Urdina or Anderson as councilor received 1 vote as well as Destroying or saving the Collector base. Saving the Council and Saving Maelons Data each earned no votes. Continuing our next question looks at the Multiplayer DLC Maps in Mass Effect 3.

Now lets continue Mass Effect Arena. Last time I asked who would win 5 Drell Assassins or 5 Asari Commandos. After 37 Votes The Drell won 21-16. This makes the Drell hitmen our longest reining champions as this is their second victory. Now lets put them to the test.

We also had a minor controversy Surrounding arena last time which has been addressed and cleared up.

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