Shepard Alliance Lieutenant

A sugestion for replacing the Cerberus Officer suit, if you make an alternate casual suit pack.

I've been seeing Youtube videos of ME2 PC players and I was mad because those guys had Alliance uniforms. I chose the Earth-born origin to my Shepard ( Arthur Shepard), but I'm that Paragon guy. In the second game, when I found out I could switch my casual outfit on the Normandy, I was pretty happy. But when I found out that I was with Cerberus and no Alliance Officer suit I was like " What the crap?". But then, the PC players can mod a file and there they go! Alliance officers uniform! But I've been playing the two games, never ever gave up on the Alliance. I don't know if any Bio Ware guys are going to read this post or anything, but if you do, listen. Why don't you guys make an Alternate Casual Outfits pack? Like it changes the Cerberus Crew, and yours casual suits. I've seen a picture of a Lieutanat Commander Uniform. I tried to mod my Xbox to get it but it wouldn't let me.

If you can help me I'll be grateful,

Commander Arthur Shepard

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